"I want to take this moment to thank you and your staff. I would not have made it without their kind care. Our Mother’s PSW is an excellent caregiver and model for all of the PSWs. All of your staff and your service has been exceptional." - Client's Family

Thank you for your questions! Here are some of the more common questions that clients and families ask. We hope that you find the information that your require. You are also welcome to contact us through the methods noted on our Contact Us page.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I get on the list to live at OSCR?

To apply for accommodation in OSCR’s Apartment Tower or Residential Tower, please complete the application forms through Halton Access to Community Housing (HATCH)

2.  How do I transfer from the Apartment Tower to the Residential Tower or vice versa?

Transferring between towers is not permitted. In order to change towers, clients must re-apply through HATCH.

3.  Do I pay first and last month’s rent?

First month’s rent is required when moving in to OSCR. If a client is moving in part way through a month, their first month’s rent is pro-rated. 

Moving Out:

Residential Tower & SDL Clients: Notice must be given in writing to the Property Manager. One (1) full calendar months' notice is required (commencing the first of the following month), as set out in the Residential Tenancies Act. However, if a client is moving to long-term care, thirty (30) days notice is required. Residential Tower and SDL clients are responsible for both rent and accommodation fees for the duration of the notice period, as specified in their lease.

Apartment Tower Clients: Notice must be given in writing to the Property Manager. Sixty (60) days' notice is required, or two (2) months' rent. The date of termination of the tenancy must be the last day of a rental period - in your lease, the last day of the month - or in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act. If a tenant is moving to long-term care, one full calendar months' notice is required (commencing the first of the following month). 

4. Does OSCR have 2 bedroom Apartments?

OSCR’s Apartment Tower consists of single-bedroom apartments only. All of these apartments are of the same size. OSCR’s Residential Tower consists of bed-sitting rooms containing a private bathroom. These units do not contain kitchens.

5.  Can I bring my car?

OSCR cannot guarantee parking. There are a limited number of underground parking spaces. Whenever possible, clients/tenants will be assigned a space. Clients/Tenants may request to be placed on the waiting list. Clients/Tenants may park in the outdoor parking lot. 

6.  Does OSCR have on-site nursing or a Doctor on-site?

OSCR does not provide nursing services. The CCAC provides some limited nursing services on-site (subject to availability), which requires separate eligibility requirements to be met. Clients in need of this service will need to work with their CCAC representative. OSCR does not have an in-house Doctor.

7.  Does OSCR provide long-term care?

OSCR is not a long-term care facility and does not offer long-term care services, nor a lock-down “wing”. For eligible clients of the Residential Tower, OSCR offers Supports for Daily Living services. An assessment to determine eligibility for such support is required.

8.  If I’m in the hospital can OSCR give access to my Residential Tower unit to my son/daughter?

Upon admission, clients are asked to complete a "Consent to Enter" form. This form allows those named on the form to be granted entry to your unit in your absence. Those named on the form would be required to provide government issued photo identification at the time of requesting entry to your unit. A person who is not listed on your "Consent to Enter" form will not be granted access by OSCR staff to your unit. Adding or removing individuals to/from your "Consent to Enter" form can be done through your Client Services Coordinator at any time. Please note that OSCR will not provide entry to your unit without the signed Consent to Enter form. Telephone consent is not accepted.

9.  Is television, internet and phone included in my rent?

Telephone, television, internet, etc. are the responsibility of the client and are not included in your rent. Management of these services is the responsibility of the client.

10. If I live in the Apartment Tower, can I purchase meals and housekeeping services?

Tenants and their guests may take an occasional meal (not to exceed twice a week) in our dining room, subject to availability of the guest table. Reservations are required at least one (1) day in advance. Tenants may also reserve a single space for themselves by booking at least one (1) day in advance. Space is subject to availability. Meal tickets would need to be purchased through Reception.

OSCR provides meal support for Supports for Daily Living (SDL)/Outreach clients who are having difficulties with meal preparation. Clients must be assessed for eligibility. The client, family or friend may initiate the assessment by contacting Reception (ext. 101).

OSCaR's Place Cafe, located on the main floor of OSCR, is a cafe and convenience store. Dine-in meals and take-away meals (including heat and serve meals) are available for purchase.

Housekeeping services would need to be contracted with an external company.

11. I am 62 and need Supports for Daily Living assistance – can I still apply to OSCR if I am under 65 years of age?

Yes, you may still apply and add your name to our waitlist. However, your application for admission (including an assessment for eligibility) will not be processed until you have reached 65 years of age. 

12. My spouse and I would like to move in to OSCR, however my spouse is over 65 years of age and I am younger. Are we eligible?

Yes. As long as one of the spouses is 65 years of age or older, both spouses may apply for admission.

13. I live in the Residential Tower – can I have overnight guests?

Overnight guests in the Residential Tower are not permitted. 

14. I live in the Residential Tower and have specific dietary requirements – can I receive a special menu?

Yes. Your Client Services Coordinator and the Food Services Manager can work with you to design a meal plan to suit your specific needs.

15. If I am on the meal plan, do I have to pay for food at OSCaR’s Place?

For those clients who are eligible for the meal/dining plan at OSCR, this plan only covers meals provided in the Dining Room. Food and goods available through OSCaR’s Place Café, Candy’s Corner Gift Shop, OSR Pharmacy, vending machines, and any other source on-site at OSCR are not included in meal plans and payment for food and goods must be rendered at the time of purchase.

16. Will OSCR staff enter my apartment or unit to check on me?

For tenants in the Apartment Tower, upon admission tenants are asked to sign a "Consent to Enter in the Event of a Suspected Emergency" form. If this form is signed, then it allows OSCR staff to enter your apartment in the case of a suspected emergency as reported by family or co-resident. If this form is not signed, OSCR will not be able to open the apartment door for anyone including family (emergency professionals including Police, Fire and EMS would be granted access). 

For clients in the Residential Tower, security monitoring procedures are in place. A primary monitoring procedure involves the Dining Room. All clients have an assigned seat in the main dining room. OSCR monitors lunch and dinner sittings for anyone who does not attend. Clients who will not be attending a meal are asked to sign-out in advance. Missed meals trigger the security monitoring procedures, part of which includes staff entering a client's unit to verify their welfare. If a client's family contacts OSCR with a suspected emergency, OSCR staff will activate the security procedures including a building search and attempting contact through phone and/or access of the unit. Your Client Services Coordinator will discuss with you the full security proecedure program.  

Clients and tenants may wish to have additional personal security in case they are unable to reach a telephone in the event of a medical emergency. OSCR encourages clients and tenants to consider services such as the Connect Care Medical Alert Button program, which affords 24 hour a day security. 

17. Can my Client Services Coordinator assist me with managing my finances?

Management of personal finances is the responsibility of the client. Client Service Coordinators and any other OSCR staff members are not permitted to assist clients with managing their finances.

18.  Can I smoke at OSCR?

OSCR is working towards becoming smoke-free in the Residential tower. As of July 1, 2013, new clients are not permitted to smoke in their units. The only place to smoke on the premises is the designated outdoor smoking area, located at the back (South-East) patio. Existing clients are permitted to continue to smoke as long as they can do so safely, but only in their units and in the designated outdoor smoking areas. OSCR’s no-smoking policy is provided to all clients at the time of lease signing.

19. I live in the Residential Tower and receive homemaking services. Can homemakers clean my room before I come home from the hospital or from vacation?

OSCR staff do not provide services, such as homemaking, while a client is away from OSCR, including while in the hospital, on vacation, or out of the country. Requests by the client or their family to resume services prior to the client's return will not be accommodated. A client's services schedule will resume upon their return to OSCR.