"The very busy kitchen staff, the chef and all the rest, work so hard to give us all the very best. They give us good nutrition and serve meals nicely too. We appreciate them for all the work they do." 

   Tasty Meals   Good Friends   Friendly Service

Enjoy dining in a friendly atmosphere in OSCR's spacious and bright dining room. The dining room overlooks our lovely back patio and gazebo. Nutritious meals are skilfully designed and prepared by our Food Services team with the health needs of seniors in mind. Well-balanced meals are important at any age; our Food Services team makes it easy to enjoy your meals!

All meals are served daily for our clients living in the Residential Tower. A well-balanced breakfast is offered to our clients so that they can start their morning off right. A choice of two (2) entrees is offered at lunch and dinner, and evening snacks are placed in the lounges on each floor of the Residential Tower. Tea and coffee are also available on the lounges for clients to enjoy at their leisure.

Why leave OSCR, when you can bring your family and friends to our on-site cafe OSCaR’s Place? In addition to all of the great services listed above, our Food Services team supplies OSCaR’s Place daily with home-made baked goods, soups, salads, fruit plates and even freshly prepared meals to-go.

Menu Choice

The menu is always fresh and interesting. The menu rotates over a four-week period and is changed twice a year, as the seasons change. We always listen to your needs and you have a great deal of input into the menu, through special focus groups held throughout the year.

Our Food Services team can support special dietary requirements. Therapeutic diets include modified diabetic, gluten restricted, low residue, no added salt, modified restricted lactose, modified fat and cholesterol, and textured diets (minced, pureed). We also accommodate vegetarian diets, offering many alternatives based upon our client’s needs. In addition, special holiday menus, social teas and summer barbeques enhance the culinary experience.

Supportive Meal Program

For tenants of the Apartment Tower who may be experiencing temporary health problems, which result in them having difficulty preparing their meals, we may provide a Supportive Meal plan. Special diets are accommodated. Evening snacks for clients are provided in the lounges and snacks for diabetic clients are available throughout the day.

To participate in the program, clients must be assessed for eligibility. The client, family or friend may initiate the assessment by contacting Reception. Fees apply.

Invite Your Friends and Family for Lunch or Dinner

For a nominal fee, family and friends can join residents for a lunch and/or dinner. Reservations are required to ensure availability of guest tables. Meal tickets can be purchased at Reception.

Additional Supports for Daily Living clients from the Apartment Tower and their guest(s) may take an occasional meal in the dining room. Reservations are required and depend on the availability of guest tables. Fees apply to this program and meal cards may be purchased at Reception.


Dining Menus by Week:

(Our menus may change,

as needed, in light of

resource availability

during the pandemic)

Week of January 16, 2023

Week of January 23, 2023

Week of January 30, 2023

Week of February 6, 2023

Week of February 13, 2023