"At OSCR we are passionate about the work that we do and do not stop short of excellence."

Independence   Vitality   Community


OSCR's Supports for Daily Living (SDL) program provides non-medical services to you in your own home at OSCR, or in the community.

With the right help and support, clients who are eligible for SDL services are able to stay in their home and enjoy independence, vitality and community. 

Supports for Daily Living services may include:

  • Staff on-site 24/7 
  • Care provided by Personal Support Workers (PSW)
  • Homemaking services
  • Bathing/shower assistance
  • Medication reminder program
  • Light meal preparation
  • Hair care
  • Continence checks and care
  • Support stocking assistance
  • Dressing assistance

SDL services help you to enjoy an active and fulfilling lifestyle ,with the benefit of individualized care, designed to meet your evolving needs.


These services are for seniors who require daily and ongoing assistance in their homes, and who live in one of the designated areas that we serve.

If you live in Oakville and would be interested in our Outreach Program, please contact Central Registry (Halton Region).




When it's hard to get up in the morning,

And tough to get washed and dressed;

When you can't stand long in the kitchen

To cook and do all the rest;

There's a great new solution for us

With staff who are cheerful and giving,

To give us the help we are needing,

Called Supports for Daily Living.

A knock on our door in the morning,

Makes sure we survived the night,

They ask what they can do for us,

Just checking to see we're all right.

Someone will do all our laundry,

They'll vacuum and mop the floor,

And help us with our shower;

Bring meals or anything more.

For those whose life is a burden

This program is blessing us here.

We want to be independent

But time marches on, I fear.

The years have left their imprint

As aging has taken its toll;

But now we can enjoy living

With thanks and joy in our soul.

- Honoria A. Groves, OSCR Client